The simple (and cheap) way to see 3D photos and 3D videos is a red/cyan anaglyph glasses. This method is a cause of strong headache therefore I do not recommend it.

To view reels on-line with anaglyph glasses  

"A chroma key head"

The best (and expensive) way to see 3D photos and 3D videos is viewing on a screen of 3D TV-set (or 3D PC monitor). Now the devices begin to spread in the masses.

For example, the new line of 3D TV-sets "3D Cinema" of LG Electronics makes an impression of good product. A screen of TV-set is covered an interlaced polarized pellicle, a viewer uses a light-weight polarized glasses. Each TV-set is completed with 4 units of glasses. There is no need to go deep into menu of TV-set to make a 3D mode "on" - there is separate button "3D" on the surface of remote control. You can press it to get a possibility to select a type of 3D standard (over/under, side-by-side, etc). Press "OK" and view the 3D content immediately!

A picture is non-flickering and bright when it is viewing on a screen of 3D TV-set with an interlaced polarized pellicle. It is importantly for viewers.

One of advantages of new line of 3D TV-sets is a possibility to view a 3D content directly from a flash card without any help of Blu-ray player. It is very convenient.