3D photo

A stereoscopic photograph (3D) is the one that is shot by two cameras. The cameras are shooting to an object from two views that are different a little. As a result, we have made two pictures - the left view and the right view. What cameras and how these cameras must be adjusted for the better result? It is the theme of separate discussion and we shall not touch it now.

In order to see a three dimensional image it is necessary to view the pictures separately. The left eye must view the left picture only and the right eye must view the right picture only. What main difference of viewing of 3D photo from viewing of usual one? The usual (2D) photograph you can print by a printer onto the paper and see it just at the same moment without any additional equipment. To view a 3D photograph you must apply some additional devices.

As you can see, the left picture and the right picture are like:

The simple (and cheap) way to see 3D photos and 3D videos is a red/cyan anaglyph glasses.

If a photo model is clothed in a red dress then the stereoscopic brilliance will appear. You ought to take care about it if you are shooting for an anaglyph photo.

The best (and expensive) way to see 3D photos and 3D videos is viewing on a screen of 3D TV-set (or 3D PC monitor). Now the devices begin to spread in the masses.

For example, the new line of 3D TV-sets "3D Cinema" of LG Electronics makes an impression of good product. A screen of TV-set is covered an interlaced polarized pellicle, a viewer uses a light-weight polarized glasses. Each TV-set is completed with 4 units of glasses. There is no need to go deep into menu of TV-set to make a 3D mode "on" - there is separate button "3D" on the surface of remote control. You can press it to get a possibility to select a type of 3D standard (over/under, side-by-side, etc). Press "OK" and view the 3D content immediately!

It seems to me that the line of 3D TV-sets is better then 3D Plasms because a picture is "flickers free" and has good brightness. You can view usual TV channels (2D mode) without any flickers (because LED technology). And you can view a 3D picture without any flickers too.

One of advantages of new line of 3D TV-sets is a possibility to view a 3D content directly from a flash card without any help of Blu-ray player. It is very convenient.

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