My name is Vladimir Klimov. I am a leading specialist in the field of stereoscopic cinema over the world.

I do 3d-consulting and video editing and web design.

In addition to wide known software to edit video I use VirtualDub and AviSynth scripts and ImageMagic in my work (i.e. I am advanced).


My name is Leonard Fonbraun. I am a 3d-cameraman. Also, I can do staging and montage and sound editing of film.

I worked as a cameraman for films "Out of screen! 3D" (download the film) and "Seven wonderful professions. 3D". I did staging for these films.

Also, I am a cameraman of special device "Teleport-1M".

My hobby is prototyping from resins. I made the device "Teleport-1M" by own hands in a little laboratory at my home. Welcome to see photos!