About me

I was born and grew up in the city Barnaul, Siberia region. I graduated a biological faculty of Altai State University in the 1988. After the finish of high school I worked in a research laboratory. Further I worked on a factory and other places. Also, I taught animation for children at an amateurish animation studio. In these years I was interested by a stereo-sound and a stereoscopic cinema. I thought how to improve them and to unite them into a one comfortable experience.

I always worked with my brother Leonard. We captured our first binaural sound track in March, 2000. These events were thrilling. We were feeling a potential of technology but we had not conditions to apply it. A large insulated sound studio was required. And some financial support was required too. I offered to work into the binaural technology to several sound studios. "It is a very hard business!" This is the answer only that I had received. Until now I did not understand why this business was so hard…

I continued my studying of stereoscopic technology and, in the end of 2009, I and Leonard made a special device for capturing of stereoscopic picture and binaural sound track synchronously "Teleport-1M". The device may be required for shooting of stereoscopic musical clips with a binaural sound track. As a result, my project of binaural sound studio was transformed to a project of stereoscopic cinema studio. Of course, it is possible to make a binaural sound track only or a stereoscopic picture only but it will be better to apply them together.

I am sure that 3D TV channels will grow as 3D cinema theaters are growing. And I am sure that a good 3D content will be required by both. My special device "Teleport-1M" is destined to produce a new type of 3D content that will lead a 3D-industry up to a new level.

I am a good 3D specialist and I guarantee the best quality of 3D effect.

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