Demo films


The reels are destined to view on a screen of 3D TV-set (the best experience with "3D Cinema" of LG Electronics).

"My home experiments"



"A chroma key head"

My first professional work

"Out of Screen! 3D"

You can download the English version of film for 3D TVs through Google Disk :

If you want to download the English version 3D DCP of film, let me know!

To read more about the film...

From archive

As I have mentioned, twenty years ago I and my brother Leo made animation reels. It was a plasticine animation.

We worked with a 16mm film "Svema" that had a low quality. I developed the films myself. After I and my brother and my friends made sound-tracks for the reels.

If we make these reels now, we shall make ones by a digital camera into a 3D format. In this case a technical quality would be far better!

Recently we digitized some reels:



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