Products and services

Our product is the "Teleport-1M"

Our service is the 3D-production consulting

It is not expensive. Send me an e-mail or call me to discuss details. I am ready to fly to any point of planet to a shooting area. Also, I can give my consulting to you over the Internet.

We are ready to shoot an advertising film-presentation for your firm, company, etc., that will destined to view on a screen of 3D cinema theatre.

3D chroma-key technology

I can plan and capture 3D chroma-key episodes for your film.

"A chroma key head"

"Cook and plates"

3D titles for your film

I can make 3D titles for your film. If you need titles for a stereoscopic film then let me know.

It is an example of titles for a stereoscopic film:


3D DCP (Digital Cinema Package)

Do you want to view your stereoscopic videos on a screen of local cinema theatre? I can make non-encrypted DCP (Digital Cinema Package) for you. Price is $100 per minute of output DCP. You can send me your footage on HDD or USB 2.0 flash card or over the Internet.

What is required?

Any video from you and money.

You can choose a format for output video that you prefer:
Format 1.9 (Full Container) - 2048 x 1080 pix
Format 2.39 (SCOPE) - 2048 x 858 pix
Format 1.85 (FLAT) - 1998 x 1080 pix
Format 1.77 (FLAT) - 1920 x 1080 pix

You can download the 3D DCP of my reel "Titles" for SMPTE mode:

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