Your 3D
audio studio

Your 3D-sound studio will be wonderful! Your sound will be surround truly into your two audio channels: left and right ones. The 3D-sound really! It is a technology of virtual reality: the absolute 3D-effect! Have you heard such sound ever? Now you will be able to make it yourself quickly and simply.

How to record 3D sound? It is simply. You will need the head box "Teleport-1M" only. And, of course, some recording apparatus. In a technical aspect, this process is recording of usual stereo-sound only. Did you record a stereo-sound ever? The head box haves two high quality microphones inside. They are sensitive and they give 20 - 20 000 Hz. They have XLR sockets and must be connect to corresponding sockets of sound card of PC. I use my "notebook" and the USB audio interface "Alesis IO/2".

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It has an USB energy supply and it generates a phantom power 48 V. This external sound card gives up to 24 bit 96 kHz. As the whole, the head box + the notebook + the good sound card = the mobile sound studio.

What software for capturing is required? Any. I recommend Audacity.

It works quickly and it is free of charge. I install the Audacity into my USB flash drive. The folder of Audacity temporary files is located there and ready files are located there too. At the end of my job I take out my USB flash drive and put it in my pocket. OK!

This technology gives the absolute 3D effect. Why it is applied so infrequently? The point is that a listener must hear such records by headphones, not by loudspeakers. In some experts opinion, this method of hearing is inconvenient. In my opinion, the matter is: a sound operator must be a little by a cinema operator, a sound director must be a little by a film director. You understand?.. This is another concept of recording of sound. It must be a spectacle around this "stereo-microphone"(i.e. the head box). It must be the acoustic reverberation from real walls. These acoustic nuances inform us about the real environment. I can't hear more about some "extended stereo", etc. I am putting on my head the headphones. And I am hearing the natural three-dimensional sound. I am hearing a breath of life.

If you want to record only 3D sound, then there is a moment in planning of sound scene. The problem is: a listener hasn't seen a sound source in front of him during hearing of 3D records. As a result, a mind of listener upsets the image of sound source to the back. It seems to him that the sound source is located behind him. What I recommend? A sound field must be supported by four loudspeakers on angles of the recording studio. They must sound as a musical background. At the beginning of sound scene the sound source ought to place on one side of head box or behind it. Then start moving around! Also you can rotate the head box itself. This is a simple method and it guarantees a result.

If you record a 3D sound synchronously with any video, then you have not the problem at all. In this case, the listener has seen the image of sound source on a screen. That is why shooting of 3D musical clip is easier than creating of 3D sound-track for a CD only.

There are not any problems in recording of 3D sound today. Create your own 3D CD and become the Grammy winner!

For example, there is an interesting binaural sound-track on YouTube: here.

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